Digital University

We partnered with BESPIN to address Digital Learning Gap for Airmen and Guardians. and set a strategy and conceptual design for develop a digital learning platform for US Air Force and Space Force With rapid iteration to took the idea and launched our MVP in Feb 2022 (started July 2021). Feature curriculum leveraging best-in-class content providers: Udemy, Udacity, Pluralsight, Data Camp, Cloud Academy, and very soon Coursera were integrated. We are now in Cloud One and support CAC authentication to be as widely accessible on AFNet and other DoD networks as well as the commercial internet

What We Delivered

We recently partnered with the USAF’s BESPIN software factory to build a modern educational platform to enable the DoD’s Digital Transformation efforts through Silicon Valley accredited digital education. BESPIN is one of the USAF’s leading software factories, located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

BESPIN specializes in modernizing enterprise business systems to better enable Air Force operations. Alongside other software factories like Kessel Run, Kobayashi Maru, and Space Camp, BESPIN is using agile software development methodologies and cloud-based DevSecOps tools to rapidly provide software to users across the USAF. We worked with BESPIN to design, build, and deploy to Cloud One a modern training platform called Digital University (DU) to train Airmen around the world. In eight months, we developed the platform which now delivers cutting-edge digital training to over 20,000 Airmen, Guardians, and federal civilians.


The creation of DU is aligned with senior leadership’s goal to ensure Airmen have access to best-in-class digital education. USAF Chief Information Officer (CIO) Lauren Knausenberger states “Digital University is our capstone effort to level the playing field and give people access to best-in-class digital ­education, whether they’re cooks or cyberwarriors.” DU is currently supporting the US Air Force, the US Space Force, and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). We are currently working with the US Army to onboard an additional 100,000+ learners, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is interested in scaling DU’s data science curriculum across the DoD.

The Bright Future at DU

While we are proud of our accomplishments at BESPIN and with Digital University, we are continuing to roll out new curricula and features all the time! Our partnership with BESPIN allows us to iteratively improve the education platform, add features and content to it, and all the while continuing to focus on their user and customers to ensure the experience and quality of education continues to improve. BESPIN, DU, and the service members that rely on the education platform are all benefiting from Omni’s experience and expertise in user-centered agile methods. DevSecOps and UCD are ensuring positive outcomes for DU.