DHA OMDS Modernization

JOMIS maintains the OpMed Electronic Health Record (EHR) – a longitudinal health record for personnel supporting operational missions throughout DoD. Aligning with the DoD Chief Data Officer’s (CDO) plan for enterprise-wide data use, Omni Federal was awarded contract to provide a forward-leaning solution that serves as a foundation for data modernization efforts and allows for future expansion of data-centric functionality.

What We Delivered

Omni Federal in close partnership with DHA architected, designed and implemented the modernized data repository for JOMIS known as OMDS. OMDS is composed of a few disparate components: an API gateway compliant with Cloud One, an ETL engine that constructs a unified data model for Operational Medicine, and a Data Repository for deep analysis and querying of OpMed data. All three solutions address the throughput, capacity, and complexity of supported services medical and management services.


Omni Federal significantly improved the access to OpMed data by providing a secure, scalable architecture with an open API which has enabled sharing of OpMed data throughout the DHA enterprise. Our efforts with DHA to modernize JOMIS ensures that data is more visible, accessible, understandable, trusted, and interoperable with other platforms. This ultimately better supports the various users that rely on this health data, including warfighters deployed around the globe.

The Bright Future at DHA

While Omni is proud of our accomplishments at DHA, we continue to pursue an expansion of our efforts by capturing additional data sources, expanding DHA’s Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for Cloud One deployments, and applying Machine Learning and AI models to the data repository.