OmniSMACK provides end users with customizable, lightweight methods of data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Our end-to-end solution puts all your data needs in one place, so your data sources are manageable by anyone and insight-activated the moment they come online.

SMACK Command Center

Introducing OmniSMACK

Organizations across public and private sectors are dealing with increasing volumes of data from disparate sources and have more complex analytics needs. Within the DoD and intelligence community, where the stakes are even higher, the ability to leverage data faster and generate deeper insights is a critical factor for maintaining mission-readiness. Powered by our secure, Cloud One hosted, IL4 certified data fabric, Omni’s simple, secure and scalable OmniSMACK platform addresses this critical need by providing organizations with an end-to-end data access, activation, and analysis solution.

The ability to identify and access data sources quickly is paramount in a rapidly changing, digital-first world. Flexibility and ease of aggregating data is becoming a top priority. The right person must have access to the right data at the right time.When a new data source comes online, user-friendly interoperability and management tools make it easy for less technical personnel to integrate the data within that source with all the data your organization has on hand. You can cut through silos and activate all your data, so you spend less time working with data and more time making your data work for you.”

SMACK Diagram

Why OmniSMACK?

OmniSMACK is designed for flexible and highly customizable implementation in any organization or environment, and is adaptable to any number of use cases. With OmniSMACK you can:

  • Enable faster Command and Control decisions while leveraging a broader set of data.
  • Improving readiness by providing a holistic view of personnel, logistics, and operational systems.
  • Increasing situational awareness by automating discovery and assimilation of multiple sources of intelligence.
  • Moving from a reactive to proactive posture across the operational ecosystem.

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