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Omni Federal in collaboration with BESPIN deploys User Experience Monitoring Capability (UEM) on Cloud One for Air Force Enterprise

Omni Federal is proud to announce User Experience Monitoring (UEM) is now available on Cloud One as an enterprise service for the Department of the Air Force. UEM, developed in partnership with Business and Enterprise Systems Product INovation (BESPIN), provides deeper, comprehensive insights into how airmen use digital applications and enterprise-wide services. UEM enables data-driven decisions when creating and maintaining digital applications and services for airmen, thus increasing the efficacy of those applications.



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Omni Federal Wins “Data As A Service” (DaaS) Phase III SBIR to democratize data access

Omni Federal wins SBIR III contract to extend and rollout “Data as a Service” (“DaaS”) capability to democratize access to data with self-service, automation, API management, enterprise integration, and develop Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities, next level of dashboards/experiences and other analytic solutions using open data API standards.



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Omni Federal Announces Win to Extend Digital University and Provide AI/ML Digital Learning Sandbox

As part of the SBIR Phase III IDIQ for Digital University (DU), Omni Federal has been awarded a Task Order to extend DU while enhancing A.I. and machine learning (ML) on the platform. The existing DU AI/ML curriculum will be paired with a data sandbox environment where qualified DU learners can work with military datasets for a practical learning experience. This capability will allow learners to bring their own datasets and be led step-by-step through the process of setting up their data, designing an algorithm, and ultimately training that algorithm to generate new insights.



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Omni Federal is thrilled to announce a new SBIR Phase III IDIQ for Digital University

Strategic, enterprise solutions that make a difference is a priority at Omni Federal. We are excited to continue growing Digital University, one of our better known strategic solutions, through our recently awarded $44M SBIR Phase III IDIQ in support of the Air Force’s Business Enterprise Systems Product Innovation (BESPIN) Directorate.



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Omni Federal wins RPA Automation Phase 2 SBIR

Omni Federal wins RPA Automation Phase 2 SBIR with the Department of the Air Force. As the Air Force continues to focus on building multi-capable Airmen that are required “ to do more with less”, it is essential to keep the burden of long hours and overwork from falling on the Airmen. “How do you do this?” you may ask, automation is the answer to this question. Automation as a key enabler is designed to reduce human error, improve task execution efficiency and enable users to focus on the higher-value tasks, thereby improving user experience, and drastically decreasing labor and operational costs.



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Omni Federal awarded SBIR Phase 3 application modernization contract for BESPIN

Omni Federal has been awarded the Air Force SBIR Phase 3 contract to continue leveraging the user-centric design (UCD) process with modern application development and platform capabilities and deliver modernization initiative for BESPIN applications.



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Omni Federal launches SABER Portal to support Air Force Strategic Air & Space Basing activities

Omni Federal (Omni) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Air Force’s Strategic Air & Space Basing Enterprise Repository (SABER) web portal application to simplify the overall business process associated with coordinating Strategic Basing activities at Secretary of the Air Force Office of Energy, Installations, and Environment (SAF/IE) . SABER’s launch on the Cloud One environment will enable an entirely digital Strategic Basing process facilitating movement of resources across the Department of Air Force globally. Benefits of SABER include collaboration across stakeholders, eliminating manual efforts, increased transparency, and critical auditing capabilities.



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Omni Federal is awarded Air Force Digital University Phase 3 SBIR

Omni Federal, a leader in software development, DevSecOps, and user-centric digital solutions within DoD and the Intelligence Community is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract with the Department of the Air Force (DAF), to support the PEO Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate (BESPIN organization) in DoD’s digital transformation by creating digital practitioners and enhancing digital literacy for our military at the speed of relevance.



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BESPIN Digital University Launched !!!

Another major product delivery milestone and win accomplished at BESPIN. Today BESPIN & Omni Federal is excited to announce the launch of revamped Digital University powered by BESPIN Daas (“Data as a Service”) capability.



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Omni Federal awarded Digital University Phase II SBIR

Omni Federal has been awarded Air Force SBIR phase II award to design and develop a next generation training platform, Digital University, that will prepare Airmen to harness the power of technology. We will be closely working with SAF/CIO Lauren Knausenberger, BESPIN leadership (Guideaux C), Career Field Managers, and organizations including Kessel Run, Space Force, ACC, ACC/A6, Platform One, and Space Camp. Our key focus will be to design and develop an extensible Digital U capability that can be rolled out Air Force wide to prepare Airmen to rapidly deploy technology where needed and prepare for advanced opportunities in cyber warfare. This will be enabled through tracking and certification processes for Airmen against AF-vetted cyber and development paths. There will be a constant drive to evaluate and improve the quality of training offered using AI/ML and integration with approved manpower systems to improve rotations and assignments.