Mission Partners


BESPIN Software Factory

DaaS Phase III SBIR Contract with BESPIN to define and develop shared/common data service catalog APIs (DaaS) capability. Architect and implement DaaS to unlock data behind monolithic systems and democratize access to data for all USAF, PEO-BES, and CDO stakeholders. Close collaboration with BESPIN to establish the Kratos platform and deliver other capabilities.


Kessel Run Software Factory

Multiple prime contracts for Air Force Kessel Run organization. Rapid development using commercial DevSecOps tools and processes. Modernizing hybrid cloud platform for secure, multi-tenant operations worldwide. Support DataOps branch providing data engineering and data science capabilities.


CMS - Identity Management

Prime contract to bring modern software engineering best practices, tools and techniques, and expert identity management integration capabilities to CMS ensuring rapid, cost effective functionality upgrades and improved workflows to the system through User Experience, Agile Development, DevSecOps, Cloud Enablement, Infrastructure Support, Testing Services, and API Development.


DHA Operational Medicine Data Service (OMDS) Modernization DHMS- JOMIS

Prime contract modernizing OMDS by establishing an extensible, scalable technical infrastructure aligning with DoD’s move toward data-centricity. Our team will design and develop adaptive services to give JOMIS the flexibility to onboard new solutions to support advanced data analytics (NLP, AI, ML) and enable OMDS to scale according to demand, leveraging cloud-native services and toolsets.


Black Label Software Factory

Prime Contract with AFLCMC/HNCO BLACK LABEL (BL) software factory with Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) and Information Warfare (IW) capability development and mission execution. Partner with Black Label software factory and DoD Enterprise solution Platform One (P1) to deploy DevSecOps Platform (DSOP) in multiple government cloud environments from unclassified to SAP.


Digital University (DU)

Phase III SBIR Contract to bring modern user experience with seamless access to the next generation digital learning experiences for Airmen. Powered by BESPIN Software Factory with agile software development practices, DigitalU delivers guided learning paths to Airmen to achieve digital mastery over technical areas such as Data Science, Full Stack Development, Cloud Engineering, and more.


Army ECMA DevOps

Prime contract to deliver DevSecOps expertise to deploy applications across multiple classification levels and multiple cloud service providers. Extend Code Resource and Transformation Environment (CReATE) and cArmy platform capabilities with self service and automation and path to production through ECMA-owned Paas Solution to support Army Futures SW Factory and other customers.


LEVELUP Cyber Software Factory

Prime Contract to integrate, enhance, and develop new applications, analytics, and services for LevelUP Big Data Platform (BDPs) also known as Unified Platform Data Nodes (UPDNs) in partnership with Platform One. Developing ARCYBER application and cyber tools for Army, Air Force, and USCYBERCOM. Omni is modernizing UPDNs as defined by USCYBERCOM through an agile, evolving requirement identification and prioritization process.


NGA Software Factory (SABER)

Prime Contract to design and develop a wide range of scientific, mathematical and geospatial applications supporting NGA mission. Embrace modern concepts including DevSecOps, User Centered Design, Modern Application Development and Continuous ATO to rapidly prototype and deliver capabilities.


NGA GEOINT Capability Development (GCD)

Develop software application with NGA through the GEOINT Capability Development Project (GCD2) contract called Quality Assurance Capability (QAC). Provide a modern, sustainable data validation capability to deliver high-quality geospatial data for NGA and partner mission user, with responsive user interface accepting user GIS inputs that runs complex geospatial validation rules, and displays any geospatial feature that fails validation.


NGA Metadata Management System (MCAMS)

Design, develop, integrate, deploy NGA Enterprise Metadata management system to manage (create/tag/track) metadata for legacy and new assets/products to enable discovery and reuse. Provide a user-friendly, collaborative approach to managing and curating metadata. Develop advanced filtering and Machine Learning algorithms to incorporate multiple factors such as ratings, relevancy, recency, user types, classification.


User Experience Monitoring (UEM)

Phase II SBIR Contract to develop User Experience (UX) measurement and analytics capability for the USAF applications to measure the application usability and end to end performance from the end user POV. Capabilities includes continuous collection of direct feedback from Airmen, situational awareness, application and infrastructure portfolio health, operational metrics to track usability over time, and develop actionable insights.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Phase II SBIR to drive automation by identifying and automating repetitive human tasks resulting in reduced human errors, improved task execution efficiency, enabling users to focus on the higher-value tasks with improved user experience, and thereby lowering labor and operational costs.


Mobile Authentication

Phase II SBIR Contract to extending authenticated access to mobile devices drives workflow transformation and improves operational readiness and resiliency by providing anywhere anytime secure access to backend data and services. efficiency tools and communications(outreach) capabilities.



Design, develop and deploy Saber web portal application to simplify overall business process with user-centric design to bring overall transparency, data management and reduced complexity for overall basing action process. Work with SAF HQ and various MAJCOMs to understand their goals, map out the user journey and personas and digitize the overall basing action process by defining and delivering on overall digital transformation strategy.


CNS-ATM Portal

Phase III SBIR Contract to bring a user-centric design process (UX) with modern application development and platform capabilities to rapidly design and deliver CNS/ATM portal. CNS/ATM Portal brings improved Web Presence (Awareness), Online Catalog, Information organization(library) and digitizes the aircraft platform assessment process (PAR) with a suite of operations efficiency tools and communications(outreach) capabilities.


HBQM Mobile Consolidated Command Center (MCCC) MC2P Platform Modernization

Design and implement an Agile DevSecOps capability for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center/Strategic Warning and Surveillance Division, Mobile Consolidated Command Center (MCCC) branch (AFLCMC/HBQM) to better support data dissemination, analytics, command, and control, intelligence across a wide range of users and external mission/weapon systems.



Prime indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the maturation, demonstration, and proliferation of capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software, and algorithm development to enable Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2).


Platform One

Prime 5-year, DoD Platform One Software Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for DoD-wide DevSecOps Software Services. Provide full-stack software design and development, DevSecOps, and Cloud engineering employing user-centric design, agile software development mindset, and principles in cloud-native zero-trust microservices containerized architecture.