April 2023

Employee Spotlight - Kevin Boicourt

In 2021, Kevin joined Omni Federal with a passion for solving problems. Single-handedly standing up the Omni presence in Colorado, he became instrumental in leading his project and proved his astounding abilities quickly. Due to Kevin's outstanding performance, Omni's work in Colorado has expanded, including Kevin's own team.

While at Omni, Kevin has been designing and implementing a full suite of geospatial tests for our Customers, consisting of more than 20,000 lines of code and 1,500 tests automating end to end. This impressive feat reduced the annual testing time from weeks to mere minutes. Although Kevin provides remarkable work, he enjoys knowing he can count on other Omni folks to be supportive, provide a wealth of knowledge, and have an open ear to hear new ideas.

Kevin is a capable and ambitious developer and an excellent mentor and tutor to others. Kevin's peers admire his ability to work collaborate, making working with him enjoyable. He's the first to express the achievements of his teammates, remaining humble about his own success.

With a combination of people and technical skills, Kevin is a critical asset to any team. His talent for immense patience and confidence when understanding problems and creating solutions is an undeniable skill that improves Omni as a whole. Kevin has driven his project and the Customer he supports toward a more prosperous future, and there is no doubt he will continue to make significant contributions through the evolution of this project. Kevin certainly brings numerous vital intangibles that benefit all the projects he joins.