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"If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it"


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Our Culture

We started Omni Federal 5 years ago, with a simple premise to leverage our experience leading digital transformation in the largest banks, media companies, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare organizations to the federal government. That led to our mission, to deliver digital capabilities with exceptional user experiences to our warfighters, as they deserve nothing less.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we recognize we are just getting started.

A big consideration for any company, at any stage, is the culture that drives your ability to deliver on your mission. We needed to consider the cultural principles that would ground the company at its inception, through rapid growth and into the future.

We want to ensure that, during our growth, we always kept key concepts in mind. That we stayed grounded while remaining enthusiastic about our future and what’s possible. With that, we looked at what led to success and focus on three core principles, what we call the “3 H’s”.

Hunger - to take on the toughest problems, to make the biggest impact on our customer’s missions. We love technology, but it needs to apply to the real problems and be loved by our customers. It needs to be fast, secure, and easy to use.

Hustle - the time is now, our service members can’t wait, they have a job to do. We push for rapid progress, work around obstacles and strive to get capabilities out there early and often. We are delivery obsessed and do what it takes to get our work to an operational state… and we always have the warfighter in mind. Outcomes Matter.

Humble - the most important H to us, as without it, the culture falls apart. We strive to have empathy, we seek to understand, we recognize what we don't know, we accept and learn from our mistakes. Being hungry and hustling without humility leads to chaos. Humility keeps us together and focus on our customers.

It’s quite simple who and what Omni Federal is all about.

People. Passion. Results.

Thanks to our customers who allow us to put people first, the customers who allow us to remain passionate about who we serve and why. And thank you to the customers who provide us the opportunity to deliver nothing but the best to our warfighters. We are forever grateful.

Employee Spotlight


Meet Kevin Boicourt

In 2021, Kevin joined Omni Federal with a passion for solving problems. Single-handedly standing up the Omni presence in Colorado, he became instrumental in leading his project and proved his astounding abilities quickly. Due to Kevin's outstanding performance, Omni's work in Colorado has expanded, including Kevin's own team.

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Our Perks

Competitive Salary Package

We go above and beyond the industry standard to provide top talent compensation they deserve

Referral Program

We have an in house referral program which provides additional incentives for our employees

Continued Education & Training

We are committed to career development and offer continuous education & training to keep up to date on emerging technologies

Parental Leave

We ensure our employees have proper time off to allow Mothers and Fathers time to adjust & recover

PTO & Paid Holidays

We have flexible schedules, Paid Time Off, and Paid Holidays

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

We offer a full benefits package to include Health, Dental, and Vision

401(k) Match

We match up to 4% on employee contributions

Savings Accounts

We provided optional HSA and FSA to save on health care costs

Project Forecasting

We proactively work with our employees to find the next mutually beneficial project within our portfolios prior to any project completion

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